Front End Service

Front-End Loaders (FELs) are commercial solid waste collection trucks equipped with two hydraulic forks attached to the front of the trucks.

The forks are used to pick up and dump trash collected in commercial dumpster bins into the box of the truck for compaction.

FEL containers work best for businesses that generate low-density waste materials that can be compacted, such as office waste and food products. Sometimes smaller scout trucks work in tandem with the FELs to retrieve trash bins from hard-to-reach places, such as narrow streets or small enclosures. Honolulu Disposal Service maintains an inventory of containers in a variety of sizes and offers flexible collection schedules.

Front End Back

Here’s what to expect: (Sizes May Vary)

2 Cubic Yard Container

3 Cubic Yard Container

4 Cubic Yard Container

6 Cubic Yard Container

8 Cubic Yard Container

Cardboard Mesh Container