In 1967, Hideo Kaneshiro founded Honolulu Disposal Service with one truck and two employees. Today, Hideo’s son, Clyde Kaneshiro is leading the company into the 21st Century with hundreds of employees and offering a full retinue of trucks and waste services.

Honolulu Disposal hauls or processes the majority of the island of Oahu’s waste. On an island of 1.4 million people and host to over 8 million tourists annually, that is saying a lot. Front-end loaders, open-tops, compactors, container delivery, recycling pickup or material processing, Honolulu Disposal does it all. Most importantly, we do it efficiently, cost effectively and with the utmost care and commitment to protecting Oahu’s spectacular yet visitor friendly environment.

Clyde Kaneshiro has quietly built Honolulu Disposal over the past 35 years into the largest solid waste and recycling company in Hawaii. He has expanded the company into Hawaii’s leader for food waste, aluminum, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, cooking oil and great recycling.

“Our companies have evolved over the years. So many things that used to go into a landfill are now being diverted to useful products – turning trash into electricity, recycling bottles and cans, creating soil amendments from green waste, turning cooking oil into biodiesel for our fleet.” –Clyde Kaneshiro.